The Life of Water
Images of Conservation of Water and Energy

Conservation as a broad concept applies to wildlife preservation, energy conservation, marine and water conservation to list just a few. It's a broad issue that requires constant redefinition and renewed understanding. What better way to focus attention on conservation than by capturing it in images?

Over the years, PhotoSensitive has taken a number of different approaches to the issue of conservation, notably in two projects: The Life of Water and the Fuel of Life. Out of those two projects have come a number of very telling images and photos of water conservation, marine conservation and energy conservation.

Energy conservation photos and images

Energy: we all use it every day. We all depend on the production of energy yet pay too little attention to it. It's all around us being used, overused and abused. The need for energy conservation was captured by a variety of photographers on the Fuel of Life, undertaken in 2011 by the photography collective.

Here's a look at some of the outstanding images captured:
Bruce Edwards stood outside on a freezing cold Edmonton morning (it was -30C) and captured the mage below of commuting cars and pedestrians clouded in swirling smog. The cold made the tailpipe emissions more visible and the photo captures a small picture of what we are often unaware of – how our energy usage really affects the world we live in and the air we breathe and share with the rest of the planet. Edwards hoped this image summarizes what our energy use "is doing to the quality of our air."

energy use, the need for conservation

Conserving energy in a variety of ways

There are many different ways that we can conserve energy and these caught the attention of PhotoSensitive photographers who wished to express hope that we as a planet can work toward saving energy through means both simple and complicated.

Christopher J. Morris captured a simple straightforward image of clothes drying in the sun in Vancouver, BC. It's not only an image of conservation, it's also an oblique portrait of solar energy at work: the heat from and breeze created by the energy of the sun dry the clothes. This can save families hundreds of dollars per year.

saving energy simply

Conserving energy in unusual ways

Cheol Joon Baek's rather startling image of Enos Kipfer cutting the grass on his roof instantly shows that we have to start thinking differently if we are going to be serious about energy conservation and living in better harmony with the planet. Enos and Doris Kipfer's energy-efficient home in Dorchester, Ontario, is built into a hill. The house is naturally warmer in winter and cooler in summer thanks to its architecture that benefits from a natural integration of geothermal energy. The building is inspired by the couple's roots in the Amish and Mennonite tradition of self-sufficiency – in energy and all other respects.

energy efficient home

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Conservation of water

The Life of Water project was focused on all aspects of water – the essential of all life. In its time it was the biggest project ever undertaken by PhotoSensitive photographers. One of the main focuses of the project was Andrew Stawicki's deepening interest in water conservation and protection, a hot topic of the day and one Andrew believed would strike a chord with people. When submissions for the project came in, though, Andrew was surprised: "The photographers' choices forced us to look at water in different ways and it made for an eye-opening exhibit and a fantastic book."

Conservation of wetlands was and remains an important topic. Several photographers captured strong images of wetlands, both in obvious crisis and in preservation.

Photo: Peter Sibbald

wetlands in crisis

Photo Credit: Marten Berkman

preserved wetlands

Summers, seemingly earlier and warmer every year, recede glaciers and break up ice. Climate change is a critical aspect of both water conservation and energy conservation. Photo Credit: Dianne Bos

receding glacier

Photo Credit: Tony Makepeace

ice breaking up

Water and energy conservation are just some of the important social issues that have fallen under the purview of PhotoSensitive over the years.

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