Windy City: Toronto's Wind Turbine
Anne-Marie Jackson
Arva Flour Mill: A Water-Powered Grist Mill
Frank Mazzuca
Dairy Power: Power From Poo
Luke Krajcarski
Uranium City: Ghost Town
Daniel Hayduk
Pond Biofuels: Converting CO2 Into Energy
Spencer Barclay
A Quiet Revolution: Residential Solar Power
James Burns
Pedal Sounds: A Pedal-Powered Music Festival
Karol Orzechowski
Home Alive: An Ecological Model Home
Eric Foss
Energy in the park: What is Energy to You?
Tory Zimmerman and Anne-Marie Jackson
Freedom to Ride: BIXI Bikes in Montreal
Phil Carpenter
Power Source: The Energy Cleaning Toronto's Dirty Water
Sarah Moffat
Celebrating the Sun: The Energy of Yoga
Tory Zimmerman