Harmony Movement

Since 1997, Harmony Movement has partnered with over eighty local and regional organizations across Canada to host the Them = Us: Photographic Journeys Across Our Cultural Boundaries exhibition. The photographic exhibit captures the spirit of harmony and the diversity of the nation and has toured over 75 communities in all ten provinces, attracting more than 450,000 people.

Harmony Movement works within their community to promote the message of diversity by sponsoring projects such as The Peace Tree, a one-hour drama celebrating peace and diversity through the spirit of children that was broadcasted nationally on CBC, and local festivals such as March 21 Celebration and the Afri Village Fest.

Harmony Movement works extensively with Boys and Girls Clubs, municipal Parks and Recreation, local YMCA’s, youth employment agencies, and actively engages in community events during Black History and Asian Heritage months. Their commitment to working with communities outside of the GTA extends to participation in conferences and workshops in Windsor, Kitchener, London and Calgary.

Through Harmony Education Foundation, Harmony Movement also supports and fundraises for worthwhile educational projects, which share their mandate and vision.