Pictures of War        

Images of war in modern times are often focused on high profile wars in the Middle East. However, there are many other wars that have received much less attention than they are due.

Among the war images PhotoSensitive has captured are images from Rwanda. The passion in all of projects is to bring to light themes and ideas that are not receiving enough exposure in the popular media. This project exemplified that, highlighting a country and a horrible tragedy that people seemed to want to forget. By bringing photographers to the Rwanda war zone long after the popular media had moved on, PhotoSensitive shed light on the after effects of the war and genocide in Rwanda.

Here are some images of life after the war in Rwanda between the Hutus and the Tutsis.

The skulls of war survivors serve a stark reminder or our darkest nature. Andrew Stawicki captured this image

War photos have a long history of upsetting people, making spectacular news themselves and – sometimes- changing the world. One of the aims of PhotoSensitive has always been to shed light – through images - on some of the darkest aspects of humanity, such as war. The goal in the Rwanda project was to give pictorial voice to those who had survived the genocide, and to continue to explore the terrible toll that civil war had taken on the people of Rwanda. While they were shedding light on the AIDS epidmic in Africa and the lingering after effects of the genocide, photographers were also working with local journalists to help them better document Rwanda's experience.

Life after war

After war, death takes no respite in Africa. Below, a coffin maker prepares new coffins to bury the newly dead. Image by Andrew Stawicki.

Here, victims of the AIDS epidemic are buried alongside victims of the Rwandana genocide. Image by Andrew Stawicki.

Images of war survivors

This image by Lauren Vopni shows those lost in Rwanda.

Rosa Mukabagema has buried two of her own daughters who died of AIDS. She cares for five grandchildren, as well, two of whom have tested positive for HIV. She is also HIV Positive. All of life is war, for some. Image by Andrew Stawicki.

Life continues after the war. The people of this war-torn African nation continue working and feeding their families. Here, a woman carries food home from the market. Image by Peter Bregg.

More Images of War in Rwanda