Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Dick Loek
"I like being out in the community," says Lisa Tuckwell. "I like working at Winners � I'm a very good worker!" Lisa Tuckwell loves people, which is clear to everyone who knows her, including her mother, Barb Tuckwell. "Lisa doesn't like being labelled as disabled," says Barb. "She prefers the term 'special needs' and she is special. She usually works at the back of the store but sometimes they want her out on the floor helping with the toys. When I go into the store, she announces to everyone, 'This is my mum!' She loves it there and I'm sure they love her." Lisa began having seizures as a baby; as a little girl, she had to wear a hockey helmet for protection. Finally, when she was eleven, her doctors found a medication that worked and which she still takes today. Having Community Living in their lives is a great comfort to her mother. "Like every parent, I'm concerned for my child's future. Lisa has an older sister, Karen, who will help, but we're also in touch with Community Living. She's on a waiting list for independent living. She will inherit my condo but they'll help to make sure it all goes smoothly. She's going to be just fine."