Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: V. Tony Hauser
Greg Eisenbeis is in his mid-thirties but he is still a big kid in all the right ways. "He's full of fun, a bit of a prankster, mischievous, and very social," says Cheryl Conick of Community Living Haldimand. "Greg fits in wherever he is and he's eager to try anything new. He walked into the candy star on his own, asked if he could help out and now he works there one day a week. And it's not a 'charity' job. Greg brings business in, and he gets paid. People love Greg. "We got involved when Greg was making the transition from high school to adult life - we found him a group home, with three roommates. He's still there and he's the social one. He does Tai Chi and went with his class to Ottawa. They all treat him as an equal and he's a wonderful part of their circle." Cheryl becomes quite emotional when asked what Greg gives the community. "Can I have three thousand words to tell you that? He has taught all of us that people are people. He treats everyone the same, with respect. He would do anything for you. Anything. What can I say? You would like him!"