Child Poverty
Image Credit: Peter Bregg
A National Disgrace - an exhibition on child poverty across Canada. PhotoSensitive’s partner, Campaign 2000. In 1989, the House of Commons had unanimously promised that by the year 2000, child poverty in Canada would be eliminated. In 1999, PhotoSensitive wanted to show that not only was child poverty not going away, it was growing. Campaign 2000, which partnered with PhotoSensitive for the project, is still working hard to eliminate child poverty. The job is far from over. The 1989 promise to eliminate child poverty by 2000 rings hollow: In 2010, one-in-ten children in Canada lives in poverty. One in every four children in First Nations communities is growing up poor. The Child Poverty exhibit drew rave reviews. It had photographs from across the country with text from June Callwood, and was showcased in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.