Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Frank Mazzuca
Together, these photographs tell a compelling story of Community Living volunteers working at their neighbourhood food bank. The first, with Bernie Polak carefully mopping the floor, is a picture some Community Living people see as stereotypical. The second photo, showing the group of five volunteers at the loading dock points more to the future. According to Mia McGowan, coordinator of volunteers at Community Living North York, it shows the versatility of "her guys" and what they are capable of doing. Bernie is in the middle, with Robert Silma and Donald Sadler to the left and Edward Loeb and Stephen May on the right. As a team, they prepare boxes for delivery, performing a wide variety of tasks that go far beyond simply mopping the floor; their skills are as varied as they are. And, Mia proudly explains, "They are all gung-ho, enthusiastic, passionate, and committed." Her colleague Katina Xilias agrees. "Twenty years ago, my guys were usually offered a mop and pail or asked to wash the dishes. But now we're really starting to be more creative in the types of jobs we consider, like those in retail stores and nursing homes. That's going to continue and we're working hard to make it happen."