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Image Credit: Ian MacAlpine
[Let’s Talk Science] Anyone who spends time with young children knows the challenges of fielding a thousand questions: Why is the sky blue? Do dogs talk to each other? How does the garage door opener work? Let’s Talk Science tries to equip educators with the answers. One of their programs is designed specifically for children in preschool. Sara Steers is the director of external relations for Let’s Talk Science. “Our Wings of Discovery program was launched in 2004, thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Now it’s in more than seven hundred childcare centres across Canada. Some people might think four-year-olds are too young to be taught science, but their thirst for learning about the world is insatiable. One parent told us she was in the checkout line and her daughter was looking with curiosity at the scanner. The saleswoman said, ‘Isn’t that fun? It’s magic!’ The little girl turned to her mother and knowingly whispered, ‘It’s not magic, it’s science.’ We hear lots of stories like that. “The little boy with the stethoscope will relate to his doctor now and the little girl with the magnifying glass may take a closer look at plants in her garden. That’s what the Wings of Discovery program gives the kids. They love to explore, discover and begin to understand the world around them. We talk to them in easy, scientific terms and they start to develop science literacy. They learn a base of understanding for the rest of their lives.”