Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Jackie Patrick
"I've been here for more than thirty years and I've always known Richard. His transformation is what Community Living is all about. And Ryan speaks to the future." Suzanne Nobes loves her job as the manager of community relations and support services. She says it's the people who keep her there. Ryan lives at home with his parents. His goals are to live on his own and hold down a job, with his passion martial arts. It has taught him self-control and confidence and won him many medals. Richard's story also shows how far society has come in supporting and understanding the intellectually disabled. He was placed in an institution when he was twelve until his younger brother, Jeff, moved him into a group home. Jeff bought the house Richard now lives in, with help from the Supported Independent Living program. In his spare time, Richard loves to visit the seniors' home, for a little lawn bowling and socializing. Suzanne says he's a popular visitor. "Richard helps where he can and the residents love having him in their lives. He lives on his own now, takes the bus by himself, lives life to the fullest. He shows us what is possible."