Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Laura Bombier
Ian Brown sounds like a proud father when he describes the people portrayed in the photographs taken in Wiarton, Ontario. He says, "They love to be involved with real work, get some experience, create beautiful things with their own hands, share some laughs and play a useful role in the community, just like we all do. "I know them all really well, they are part of our woodworking workshop. They're learning how to use power tools, hand tools ... the works. They make beautiful country living decor, from goose planters and bird feeders to welcome signs. We sell it all through our storefront operation, Corner Connections - they're extremely proud of the finished products." Jen and Rob put together firestarter packs, which are sold in their thousands to local campgrounds. "Our people really depend on this as a place to come, to work, to meet their friends, to have a social life. We've got to be realistic and for them, this is great. I like the motto of a town out west: To have a place for everyone. These guys are living their lives, living their best lives right here, right now. We really do have a place for everyone."