Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Tory Zimmerman
"If I didn't need money to live on, I'd do this for free," says Christabel Davies. "These children have an extra-special place in my heart. They are not to be shunned or hidden away. They're just regular kids who take a little more work." Christabel, a Community Living support worker, seems to have a remarkable bond with the children. She is especially close to Kassy Campbell, who goes to a local elementary school, in a fully integrated class with an educational assistant. She visits Community Living every week for after-school programs. As a treat, Christabel sometimes takes Kassy riding on one of her own horses and every so often, Kassy gets to stay for a sleepover at Christabel's house. "It gives her mum a break. She also comes to a respite program once a month, with 11 other children. We go to a movie, visit a pumpkin patch, see Santa, or go swimming at the Y. She's a brilliant child, always asking questions. My wish would be for more parents to take the initiative and set up play dates for their children with someone like Kassy. She has so much to offer."