Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Patti Gower
"It's human instinct to care and to provide," says Penny Gale. "If your child has an intellectual disability, you might be tempted to think, 'Oh let me do it for him, that'll make it easier for him.' Well, that was how we used to think. Now, we want families to be involved, but you want to encourage the children to do things on their own. Doug's mum kept him at home, out in the country - that's how it was in those days." Penny has been Doug's support worker since 2005. "I actually remember Doug from when I was a teenager. With his mum aging, he moved into one of our houses and before we knew it, he married Donna! I asked him how that happened and he said, 'Well, she lived in the house on Maple Avenue and we seen one another and we fell in love.' He loves to garden and grows tomatoes because he says that's Donna's favourite. He's such a good husband. He still has a lot of the farm boy in him but he's not sheltered anymore, you know? He has grown so much."