Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Patti Gower
"I'm proud I got my licence," says Agnes Fraser. "I didn't want people driving me around anymore. Now I'm saving for a car." Agnes' enthusiasm for moving forward in life is irresistible. She was adopted at twelve after shuffling through the foster system. Her adoptive parents have supported her every step along the way towards independent living. She moved into her own apartment about ten years ago and she's now taking courses to prepare for college. "I have so many dreams on my dream list now I'm not sure where to begin. I'm saving up for a car. I want to go on a trip, to New York City. And I want to have a reunion with my birth family in Newfoundland." Penny Gale is Agnes' support worker and she's enormously proud of her. "You can see Agnes has a strong spirit. The people I help are doing lots of things they wouldn't have been encouraged to do twenty years ago. I always say things are achievable. Anything is possible. It might take a little extra time and creative thinking, but they can do it."