Vibrant Communities In Focus
Image Credit: Mirko Petricevic
[Tillsonburg Aquatic Torpedoes] When Carol Van Moerkerke first saw the photos of her swimmers, she was surprised. “If it had been me, I probably would have sent in pictures of kids winning races, to show people where the Trillium money goes! But then I looked more carefully and realized the photographer had captured something more important. These are pictures of the kids learning and laughing and training and interacting. Even though competitive swimming is an individual sport, you’re not in it alone. These kids swim thousands of metres and it’s about discipline and working hard, but it’s about making friends, too. Look at little Naomi. She’s obviously listening to her coach. She’s such an attentive, bright light ... so in awe ... those eyes of hers are saying, ‘Fill me up with more. What can I do better? Help me be good at this!’ “We’re so lucky to have funding, or we’d have to drive the kids to London and then they wouldn’t grow up with the same sense of community. Kids need something outside of school where they can be involved and develop a sense of responsibility. My eldest is in university and she’s volunteering for Big Brothers because she wants to give back. That’s what this is all about: helping the kids grow up to be good adults, and our swimming club helps produce great adults. The parents hang out, too. It keeps a small community like Tillsonburg alive.”