Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Jim Ross
Community Living helps people with intellectual disabilities through so many stages of life. Often the first door that is opened is through a respite program where families needing help with a child find support, compassion, and counsel. At fifteen, Alexandra has global developmental delay. She cannot read or write and has few words. But she loves music, swimming, and splashing in a paddling pool on a Water Play Day. Sometimes she is at the centre for a few hours or a few weeks. She lives at home and occasionally her parents need a bit of a breather. "Alex is outgoing," says Melody Hamilton, program manager at Community Living Scarborough. "She loves music and expresses herself through signs and gestures and body language. She finds the joy in simple things. We offer families a much-needed break. For most families, this is their first stop along a long path. I know Alex's parents hope she'll live in a group home one day. We can help with that. "I love what I do. Alex teaches me a lot about life, she has taught me not to take myself so seriously. There are so many life lessons here."