Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Peter Bregg
Jason and Jennifer met at a Community Living Christmas dance and married in October, 2008. "My father-in-law grew all those beautiful flowers for our wedding, and my father married us," says Jason. "Jennifer is a wonderful wife and a beautiful woman. When people look at us, I hope they'll have a great feeling and see how much family means to us." Both Jason and Jen have intellectual disabilities. And gifts. Jen says she fell in love with Jason the very first time they danced and that together they are "stronger than they ever were apart". She says parents must remain positive when their child is diagnosed with a disability. "don't stop your child from having a dream. Support them and don't judge. They need you to be there for them and they can do ANYTHING." Donna Winters, at Community Living, says Jason and Jen are an inspiration. "I'm so lucky. I get to see people's dreams come to fruition, watch the old walls come down and old stigmas fall away. When a teacher says she's worried about an intellectually challenged student, Jen can say, 'But look at me! Look at what's possible!'"