Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Kevin Van Paassen
"It was awesome, the best time ever," says Johnathon Fallows, of his time working at the Random Ranch in Barrie. "I made great friends, there was always such a great atmosphere in the bar. Everyone accepted me." Johnathon's first "real" job set him on a path in life. The bar closed a few weeks after these photos were taken, but Johnathon signed up for a bartenders' course at Georgian College and passed it. Now he has a new job, with a hospitality service in town. "My first job gave me some experience, helped me make some connections in the industry and made me believe in myself. I worked behind the bar and busing tables. Now I have my bartenders' certificate and I plan to keep on going." Johnathon says Simcoe Community Services helped him with his resume and they made sure he knew what his bosses expected from him. He says his support worker, Sandy Calvert, kept his confidence up, even when Random Ranch closed down. "I have a lot more confidence now. I have three big dreams: to get married, to own my own home and to own an English-style pub. I'm working on it!"