Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Tobi Asmoucha
"Jim brings out the best in people," says Joanne Caldwell, a family support consultant for Community Living. "He knows everybody and everybody knows Jim. Police officers, bus drivers, the guys at the arena. He's the star around here. "Jim's just great company. He loves his job at The Keg, he's one of the gang there. And he's involved with Special Olympics � track and field, basketball, swimming. He rides his bike all over town. Takes the bus on his own. He lives with his sister Cathy and is so happy there." "As kids growing up, my mother and the rest of us, we did everything for Jim - which was not always good," says Cathy. "When he moved into a group home after dad died, he had to learn how to dial a phone, how to get around on his own. The change was amazing. He became much more independent. He has Tourettes and can't read or write, but his memory is unbelievable and his good humour is contagious. He's taught us not to take life too seriously. And don't always be 'doing' for people with special needs. They can do a lot on their own if you just let them!"