Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Tom Thomson
"All I can say is WOW," says Barb Turk of Community Living Thunder Bay. "They did extremely well, kayaking from one side of Boulevard Lake to the other. One woman came from an institution and we were told never to take her near water because of anxiety issues. Well, she loved the kayaking! With a little modification and a little help, they can all do it, especially if they're the ones asking for the experience." Barb works hard to support COP, the Community Options Program. "The kayak program is part of COP, which tries to ensure all our people have access to anything they see in the larger community. If they think, 'I'd like to try that,' we try to arrange it. The kayaking is very popular. The leaders, Cheryl, Bev and Mila, would shout, 'Come on, we're here to play!' and everyone did so well. That's partly because we don't tell our folks what to try - they tell us what they're interested in. Three years of kayaking with so many people involved goes to show how creative we can be when we listen."