Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Tom Thomson
"You can see in the picture that they're doing something they love," says Suzanne Perrier-Clark, manager of business operations at Community Living Thunder Bay. "Something that's a bit different every day, something they're proud of, and something people in the community can see and support and celebrate. This is more than a little job to keep people busy. This is a terrific little business that's making them money." Suzanne says Canine Delights, the first pet bakery in town, is the talk of the town. "We decided that it was time to move on from making pompoms to making something that might become a viable business. Someone came up with the idea of a pet bakery and it's been a big success. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary. Rachelle Doyon and Nancy Vanvellar � the two women in the photo � started out making only dog biscuits. Now they offer birthday party packages for dogs: doggie pizza, cake, loot-bags and the original biscuits. Three pet stores in town have approached us about selling our biscuits, and three Community Living offices have asked us to share our secrets for success. I think we're onto something pretty special."