Vibrant Communities In Focus
Image Credit: Sai Sivanesan
[Central Neighbourhood House] The Ontario Trillium Foundation and Central Neighbourhood House have a long history dating back to 1996, with five grants given over the years. CNH is an important touchstone for many people living in downtown Toronto, people in Regent Park, St. James Town and Moss Park. The men in the photographs participate in an Adult Day Program for stroke survivors. CNH executive director Danny Anckle says the centre reaches people of all ages, including many who have to cope with financial problems, health issues, family difficulties and the realities of being poor. “One of the programs the OTF helps us a lot with is the Youth Leadership Program. We find teenagers who have leadership potential and expose them to experiences they otherwise might never have. We take them to the Ontario legislature. We get them to make films about their lives, with all the challenges they face. This is a great place, with youth programs 365 days a year, daycare, family support programs, and home support for the elderly, the disabled, those who are chronically ill. Trillium helps us do really important work and if the Youth Leadership kids follow up with finishing high school and getting into colleges or universities, imagine the impact it will have in the future!” Danny says running an agency that tries to help young and old, in the inner city, is never easy, especially at a time when there are so many legitimate demands — but he says the Ontario Trillium Foundation helps bridge the gap and the whole community is richer for it.