Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Hugh Wesley
"I love everything about my job," says Janice Lekavy. "I get to be out and work, which is amazing. It's my first job and the people are wonderful." Janice has a hearing disability, a learning disability and coordination challenges, but nothing gets in her way. At Community Living, she learned how to write a resume and, after a few calls, she was offered part-time work at a golf course, close to home. "Janice washes dishes, helps at the bar and clears up," says her support worker, Janet Barnes. "She absolutely loves it and they love her. I can see an enormous change in Janice. She has that social status now that seems to come with a job. She's moved out on her own. She has a boyfriend. She's really blossomed. "We all have disabilities. But in our resume-based world, we emphasize our abilities. When Janice started working at the golf course, it was a chance to showcase what she can do. So many of the people there have said to me, 'I had no idea what a person with disabilities can do - Janice is amazing.' And she is. She's teaching all of us to celebrate what people can do when given a chance."