Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Benjamin Rondel
Lloyd Carter walked into Community Living seven years ago and asked for help with banking and grocery shopping. Today, he gets five hours of help a week and in return he loves to volunteer. He was thrilled when a local farmer offered him a part-time job loading hay and working in the barn. Kim Neable is one of his team leaders. "Lloyd will do whatever needs to be done. He's dedicated, dependable, and whenever we have a last-minute request for a good worker, we think, 'We'd better call Lloyd.' He's taught me that everyone has such potential. Just look at this man: He's committed. He's living in his own apartment. His family love him and respect his choices. He has great friends, works hard, volunteers, makes time for fun, and he's appreciated." Lloyd says he's never, ever felt sorry for himself. "You have to stick up for yourself. If you want something to change, you be the change. I help everyone. I have a good life. I like to work and I like to play baseball and floor hockey � but what I like best is working outside."