Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Peter Bregg
"Yvonne lived in an institution for thirty-three years. That was the way back then: doctors counselled families to put their children into institutions. When hers closed down, Yvonne came to us and she's blossomed. Now she sees her brothers and sisters, her nieces and nephews. It's really incredible how far she's come in a year." As a manager of Community Living, Donna Winters says it's a privilege to watch people make a new life for themselves with a little guidance and support. Yvonne works at St. John's United Church, where she's a greeter, meeting and welcoming everyone as they arrive for worship. "This is a story of hope. Yvonne loves her job. She lives with four others in one of our group homes. She used to be hundreds of miles away from everyone and now she's back in her home community with so much going on. She hosted her family's Christmas party last year and it was absolutely beautiful. It fills you up, knowing the work you do makes such a difference."