Inspiring Possibilities
Image Credit: Pawel Dwulit
When it was time to move out of an institution he'd called home for twenty-eight years, David Bromley insisted on interviewing Community Living's Heather Wice. "He wanted to make sure I was the right person for the challenge," she says. "Then once I won his trust, he wrote up his own life plan. He called it Let Me Introduce Myself." "David is a really interesting character. He was born in 1970, and had cognitive delays and very, very hyperactive behaviour. In January 2008 he moved out of the centre where he had been living since 1980. Now he's in a group home, with 24-hour support, with three other guys from the centre. In the institution, they shared a deep and genuine friendship. Now, they share a house." Heather says David has taught everyone a great deal in this era of de-institutionalization of the intellectually disabled. "David helps us all understand that there's a broad range of disabilities. And not everyone with intellectual challenges has a clear, visual clue to their disability. He looks in the mirror and says, 'Hey, I am a good-looking guy. I am a cool dude!' He can't be totally independent but we do things with David, not for David."